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Title: Newcomers
Rating: Varies PG-R (mostly for language - it's the Marines, I can't stop them swearing)
Characters: OCs, Team, Lorne, etc, etc...
Disclaimer: Not mine (except the mistakes, and the newcomers themselves), no harm meant.
Summary: Returning to the Pegasus Galaxy, the Atlantis Expedition is growing. This means new scientists, new soldiers - and new problems.

All the stories about my OC team, AR-27, are tagged with 'newcomers', but I'm posting an index, not least so that I can keep track of them.

AR-27, one of Atlantis' newest reconnaissance teams, has more to prove than any other - to themselves as much as the rest of the expedition. They're led by Captain Anna-Maria Rodriguez, who only joined the Stargate program because it's the only way she could keep flying, and now she's trekking through Pegasus dirt like any goddamn grunt. The team's scientist, Dr Nate Gibson, is a high-flying Cambridge graduate, but he's finding himself increasingly out of his depth in a galaxy that seems hell-bent on killing them. Tom Wright is nineteen, and he was pulled out of his squad in Afghanistan and dragged to a different galaxy because of a genetic quirk that does things he has no control over. Royal Marine Commando Mark Collins is a long-serving SGC veteran, but it's only in the Pegasus Galaxy that the strain of his years of service are starting to show.

The thing is, they're a team.

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