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Title: Out of Mind, pt1
Rating: PG
Characters: Lorne/Cadman, various SGA & SG-1 characters (with other possible pairings)
Disclaimer: Not mine (except the mistakes), no harm meant.
Summary: Laura usually works alone. And at every turn of this job, she's remembering why.
A/N: Written for the [ profile] major_explosion AU challenge, for [ profile] amathela's prompt: Heist AU. "Be specific but not memorable, be funny but don't make him laugh. He's got to like you then forget you the moment you've left his side." I couldn't resist - I love, love, love that scene in Ocean's 11. It always reminds me of the kind of advice people give you for job interviews.
A/N2: The whole thing's grown into this epic AU 'verse, the details of which I cannot reveal for fear of spoilers, and which has large chunks relating to neither Evan nor Laura, so this is this is the start of their story, but not necessarily the whole story.
A/N3: Notice how I'm trying to make that sound intentional? November was - complicated. Fic helps, but only if I actually have time to write it :/
A/N4: Any similarity between Laura and Leverage's Parker is entirely coincidental. Oh, wait, no it isn't.

Out of Mind )

A/NUmpteen: It's quite possible that this 'verse (but not this story, don't worry - yet) includes a not-as-wheelchair-bound-as-he-lets-on Cam Mitchell who spends his nights fighting crime. Someone stop me, please.
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Title: Newcomers: No Cost Option
Rating: PG-13 for language
Characters: Lorne, OC
Disclaimer: Not mine (except the mistakes, and the newcomers themselves), no harm meant.
Summary: Lorne has to clarify a few things for Mark Collins
A/N: An incidental Newcomers scene, taking place more or less after Five Callings (which story I should really try to follow up on at some point, but, hey, apparently Lorne's fine :) - part of a group of stories I'm thinking of as "Favours that the Atlantis senior staff are going to regret doing for AR-27"
A/N2: This was incited by [ profile] gelbes_gilatier , who ought to know better than to encourage me on Twitter (Why, hello there SPN/ER crossover fic that I'm not writing), and started as crack. But then it developed angst, because, hey, it's Mark...
A/N3: Ignore the title, it's crappy.

No Cost Option )

A/N4: So, hey, hi there! I aten't dead. I've just spent the past three months or so failing to write for the Atlantis Big Bang Challenge, battling evil demons crappy work crapness, bitching about the failure of summer (it rained. All. The. Time.), losing all immunity to developing new fandoms* and generally feeling sorry for myself. I'm gonna throw out a few drabbly things, hopefully, just to get myself back on track. Don't, like, quote me on that. Evil demons may attack at any time.

*No, seriously. Some people react to stress by succumbing to every virus that comes their way. Me, I succumb to shiny, shiny new fandoms. First Sherlock, which I adore, even if I'm a little pissed that somebody found a better role for Benedict Cumberbatch than my Nate. Then Inception, which, dammit, I'm not that keen on, but then I found the kink meme. Then Merlin, because I started clicking automatically on all the links that mentioned 'Arthur' without checking which Arthur they meant, so I had to pick up the Merlin DVD, and now I'm pissed that I let myself be put off by the BBC-CGI, because it's adorable (why didn't anyone tell me?). And along the way, I also started watching the Sarah Connor Chronicles, but now I've started season 2, and I'm having some serious cognitive dissonance over the casting of whatshername from Garbage as a Terminator...

So, anyway. How are you all?
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Title: Five ways Lorne became the military commander of Atlantis
Rating: PG-13
Character: Lorne
Warnings: Implied McShep, major character death (I'm sorry! It wasn't me! It didn't happen! I didn't mean it!)
Disclaimer: Not mine (except the mistakes), no harm meant.
Summary: See title...
A/N: For the [ profile] sg1_five_things prompt of the same title (Prompt 85.05)

Five ways Lorne became the military commander of Atlantis )
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Title: Zippy
Rating: G
Characters: Sheppard, Lorne
Disclaimer: Not mine (except the mistakes), no harm meant.
Summary: The burdens of command, the pressures of promotion...
A/N: V. short future fic - it's sort of related to an idea that I'm working on that may or may not turn out to be a newcomers story, and to which this is, at the moment, largely incidental. So now you know :)

Zippy )

Is it just me/my browser, or is the lj text box really flaky at the moment?
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Title: Simple Gifts
Rating: G, gen, crack
Characters: Woolsey, Team, Lorne
Disclaimer: Not mine (except the mistakes), no harm meant.
Summary: Simple gifts of music and dance, and what happens when your CO does not have them.
A/N: I'm blaming [personal profile] gelbes_gilatier and late night tweeting for this, even though it went in a completely different direction (no newcomers ): and it's also partly inspired by this on [ profile] face_of_joe .

Simple Gifts ) 

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Title: Newcomers: State of Mind
Rating: PG-13? Bad things happen, but mostly off-screen...
Warnings: Implied torture (see above).
Characters: Lorne, OC
Disclaimer: Not mine (except the mistakes), no harm meant.
Summary: There's a reason Evan Lorne spent two years with the SGC's Engineer Corps before he went to Atlantis.
A/N: A prequel of sorts to the Newcomers series. Takes place somewhere between SG-1's 'Disclosure', when the British first find out about the Stargate program (and presumably demand a gate team of their own, as the Russians did), and 'Enemy Mine', where Lorne's part of the team mining for naquadah (which doesn't really gel with the character in SGA...)

State of Mind )

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Title: Coffee at the Gate
Rating: G, gen
Characters: OFC, Lorne, ensemble
Warnings: Incidental McKeller (but unrequited McShep if you squint).
Summary: Angela's modest little coffee shop has a perfect view of the Bay, but it's word of mouth that brings her customers...

Coffee at the Gate )

A/N: Yes, I know. Sofia Lorne. I swear, I didn't know I was doing that at the time, and then I couldn't change it. Which is the same problem I had with it suddenly turning into nothing but dialogue halfway through. And I have no idea where this coffeeshop is, because the last time (of, like, twice) I went to San Francisco, I was eleven. The Exploratorium was awesome.

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Ignoring the continued failure to post anything, this is a tiny deleted scene (more an outline for a scene) from a story I want to post posted to [ profile] sga_flashfic

Untitled, gen, slight McShep, Lorne's pov.
Disclaimer: Not mine (except the mistakes), no harm meant.

Sometimes you don't see things... )

Yay me! I posted!
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