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Title: Red Water
Rating: PG-13 for language
Characters: Danny Williams, Steve McGarrett, John Sheppard, Ronon Dex
Disclaimer: Not mine (except the mistakes), no harm meant. 
Summary: Tracking a suspect to the surfer's paradise of Waimea Bay sets Five-0's path on a collision course with a face from Steve's path.
A/N: Partly inspired by the line from The Last Man: "Surfing a thirty foot wave in Waimea is cool. Dating a supermodel is cool. This is not cool!" (Waimea means 'Red Water') (Wiki-P tells me so). Also, rather more directly inspired by [ profile] pentapus' idle speculation on the nature of a H50/SGA crossover, and the observation that Steve McGarrett "knows [John Sheppard] professionally and really doesn't like him." So naturally I thought: *angst* - actually, I should probably put in a disclaimer here, too - [ profile] pentapus is in no way responsible for the following, and I'm so very sorry...
A/N2: Have I mentioned how I'm completely obsessed with Hawaii Five-0 right now? I am. It's so pretty, and slashy, and has the most inappropriately jaunty theme tune...

Red Water )
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Title: Blood and Blood, Part 1/?
Rating: PG-13 (for gruesome wounds, although not so much in this part)
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Dr Doug Ross, Nurse Carol Hathaway
Disclaimer: Not mine (except the mistakes), no harm meant.
Summary: Doug knows when there's something off about the kids he treats. When a ten-year-old boy comes in with a bloody scalp and an over-protective older brother, he knows something's wrong. He's right - in all except the details...
A/N: Clooney-era ER, pre-series Supernatural. Oh yeah, that's right, there's Clooney-age. *tilts head*
A/N2: [ profile] gelbes_gilatier had no part in this, or so she claims. Not that the bunnies needed much incitement.
Warnings: It's Supernatural/ER. Frankly, you're reading it at your own risk.

Blood and Blood )
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Title: Strange New World (That has such people in't)
Rating: PG
Characters: Sheppard pov, ensemble (implied Jim/John, Jim/everyone...)
Disclaimer: Not mine (except the mistakes, and the crack), no harm meant.
Summary: An altogether different set of newcomers to Atlantis.
A/N: I make no apologies for this (Never give up! Never surrender!)
Warnings: Crack. Technobabble (I finally worked out what to do with Scotty :). But mostly crack.

Strange New World (That has such people in't) )

In other news - go Steven Moffat! I'm convinced :)
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Title: Like Father, Like Son 
Rating: G
Character: Caldwell
Disclaimer: Not mine (except the mistakes), no harm meant.
Summary: What difference is there between the strange enemies he faces now, and the monsters that his father was obsessed with?
A/N: Inspired by Mitch Pileggi's turn as Samuel Campbell (the father of Mary Winchester) on Supernatural. What if Mary wasn't the only member of that family looking for a normal life?
Warnings: Oh look, exciting adventures in confused tenses! Open endings! Also - SGA meets Supernatural. I'm posting this now, because it's April 1st, and I can always pretend I didn't mean it. Also, crappy unoriginal title...

Like Father, Like Son )


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