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Title: Strange New World (That has such people in't)
Rating: PG
Characters: Sheppard pov, ensemble (implied Jim/John, Jim/everyone...)
Disclaimer: Not mine (except the mistakes, and the crack), no harm meant.
Summary: An altogether different set of newcomers to Atlantis.
A/N: I make no apologies for this (Never give up! Never surrender!)
Warnings: Crack. Technobabble (I finally worked out what to do with Scotty :). But mostly crack.

Strange New World (That has such people in't) )

In other news - go Steven Moffat! I'm convinced :)
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Trying something different - writing from prompts. No, not from [ profile] st_xi_kink (although...), but from [ profile] bringthehappy :

Happyfest banner: Kaylee

Not necessarily writing any Firefly fic, but I've been re-watching Firefly, and I just love that parasol.

Just done one So far, for the prompt 'SGA; John Sheppard; first flight' : First Flight, First Memory

For 'Star Trek; Spock/Uhura; Baby' : She's late (Seriously - Star Trek? Het? Baby? What's wrong with me?)

For 'Firefly; Wash and Mal; antidisestablishmentarianism' : Anti-, Antidis-, What?

For 'Supernatural/Good Omens ; Crowley/Aziraphale, Sam, Dean, Castiel, Ruby, Anna ; fangirl' : Is that?

*is dizzy from sense of achievement*

I posted some prompts myself, which mostly seem to have gotten shuffled somehow. However, it has resulted in the possibility of Ten/Eleven, so I don't mind, although I pity the random fandom* that ended up with the tail end of my 'Star Trek; Scotty; Heath Robinson' prompt :)

And had one prompt filled, for 'SGA; anyone; underappreciated'. Yay! (Woolsey, of course)

*poet, duhn't know it

Yeah, it's late, and my brain thinks that's hysterical, even though it only saw that on the second read through. You think that's bad? I recently called Lorne's mother Sofia, and didn't notice until the third draft.


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